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​a Spot in the Valley ....

    Minature Pony



Welcome .......​​​ A Bit About ​us

We have this Web site to share our Love of the Dalmatian Breed as well as for our Pet Family .

​​       We are located in  a lovely SPOT in the HUNTER VALLEY on 5 Acres, 

       the Glendon Brook Creek runs along the length of our property

       and only 20 meters from our back door we have a wonderful water hole

       where we can have fun and​​ a swim with the Dogs....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ... and the cats join us too!  

Our Dalmatians were purchased from Breeders, each with more than 30 years breeding experience

        and even though they breed primarily for Show Dogs.....


   I have had success in both Show .....





                                                                                    ..... and obedience trialing



What really got me serious in obedience was when I started attending obedience classes and someone came up to me in front of everyone, put out there hand to shake my hand and said in a loud voice for everyone to hear...

" I would like to congratulate you on trying to train a Dalmatian "

And the exact same senario happened the following week  ! ! !

so from that day on I knew what I was going to do with my dogs next..... Obedience Trialing ! !

 I believe that the Dalmatian is undervalued as a Intelligent Breed !​


When we moved to our present location  we wanted a property name....

         that would also be suitable as Kennel name

         ​and that came about as we

         live in a lovely SPOT

         in the Hunter VALLEY

         with our SPOTTY Companions..

                                              Thank you for vising our website...                                                                   


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