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    Minature Pony


Ralph of a kind !

​​1992  to 2011... ( 18 1/2 Yrs  old )

Ralph was a gentle soul and Watson best mate for many years. Ralph would always swim with Watson and keep a eye on him  as Watson is scared of the deep water,  Ralph would push him back to the edge when Watson got a bit too far out or start to panic.

Once our friends dog Molly came over for a swim, an Ralph  thought all dallies must be the same and he tried to push her back to the edge of the creek to the shallow water...much to Mollys dismay !

 Ralph would get pushed around by Gueseppie the cat, but when we got a new pup or a friends dog came over and got to close to Gueseppie, Ralph would stand between Gueseppie  and the other dog and keep them apart without any sign of aggression to either ,, he was a great mate to us all and sadly missed !


1995 to 2011.... (15 1/2 yrs old)

We were given Theodore as a 2 day old steer.

It wasn't till he was 3 mths old that vets told us he was blind, but that never phased us and it never phased Theodore either as he was never any trouble even though he had to move with us to 3 different locations he always adapted well and was a big sweetie. 

He loved the dogs and was a adorable pet .


Gueseppie is the pack leader aound here, though he loves to be with the dogs he certainly lets them know when he is not happy !!!

The only other animal he was apprehensive of was Pedro our pet galah as he had this pestie peckie beck !

Dolee Brook

Dolee  , our  Scottish Highlander......


Was a rescue Galah, who become the boss in a very short time...

He loved to try to eat Whiskers , spots and wagging tails....


Kruella is our latest addition to the family and loves to play with water !  and plays hide an seek with the dogs...

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